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Oxfordshire is a county in South East England and was first recognized as a county in the 10th century the name comes from the Anglo Saxon name Oxenaforda a ford for Oxen.

Once known for agriculture and also for the wool trade part of the county being in the Cotswold’s it has in in more recent times been associated with the Motor industry. Today the county is recognized for its great architecture and buildings. Oxford is known as the city of dreaming spires and the collection of beautiful building’s which Include the Radcliffe Camera make it one of the top ten visited cities of England.

Oxfordshire has some of Britain’s greatest palaces the most well-known being Blenheim Palace this magnificent building was built for John Churchill the 1st Duke of Marlborough. It was designed by Vanbrugh it is one of the most visited buildings in the country, Sir Winston Churchill was born here.

Author Lewis Carroll real name Charles Dodgson taught math’s at Christ church college and wrote Alice in wonderland after a river trip with the dean and his daughter Alice Liddell.

The beautiful building’s fantastic palaces and history make a trip to Oxfordshire a great destination. The county is full of interest for visitors of all ages. At nearby Banbury you can see the cross and statue to the fine lady, the Morris motor car was once produced here today this has given way to BMW and Aston Martin as the main motor car producers.

Towns in Oxfordshire

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Manor House

Kelmscott Manor - Manor House

Broughton Castle - Moated Manor House

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Cotswolds Wildlife - Wildlife park and Garden

The National Trust

Buscot Park - Buscot Park and Faringdon Collection

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