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Deer Otters Eagles and 1984

The island of Jura of the coast of Argyll is wild remote and magnificent and although there is not a lot to do there, the scenery wildlife and solitude are enough to draw visitors. Especially those into walking and wildlife.

The novelist George Orwell, aka Eric Blair spent the last three years of his life on Jura it was here in barnhill that he penned his 1984 masterpiece.

The island is home to a large population of deer 6000 estimated, they easily outnumber the islands 200 inhabitants. Other wildlife includes sea otters and golden eagles. The name Jura comes from the Norse for Deer Island.

Jura also has its own world famous, The isle of Jura distillery; you can take a free tour check the opening times before going, check out the Loch na Mile beach near Craighouse Village.

Jura has 8 sites of standing stones, the tallest of these being that at Camus-an-Staca. This can be seen as you travel along the road from the ferry about 1 1/2 miles from Ardfin.

The health of the inhabitants of Jura has been written about in the past, a Gillour McCraine is said to have kept 180 Christmases he is buried near Keills, at Inverlussa there is another grave of Mary McCraine said to have lived to 128 years old.

Activities in Jura

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