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Nottinghamshire Robin Hood and Lace

Nottinghamshire is perhaps one of the most well-known counties of England, because of its connection to the legendary figure Robin Hood renown the world over and subject of any number of stories films and TV series. The forest of Sherwood although now very much reduced in size can still be visited

Nottingham lies on the fosse way and is rich in history, with romans settlements and later the Angles when it was part of the Kingdom of Mercia.

During the industrial revolution the canals and the mines helped the area grow as did the cotton and lace industries there is plenty to do and see in the area

Nottinghamshire contains the ancestral home of the poet Lord Byron Newstead Abbey, which is open to the public. The author D. H. Lawrence was from Eastwood in Nottinghamshire. Toton was the birthplace and home of English folk singer-songwriter Anne Briggs, well known for her song 'Black Waterside'.

The north of the county is also noteworthy for its connections with the Pilgrim Fathers. William Brewster, for example, came from the village of Scrooby and was influenced by Richard Clyfton, who preached at Babworth.

Nottingham was the birthplace of the national chain of Chemists Boots and the well-known Raleigh bicycles where built here on Raleigh Street. Nottingham hosts the oldest fair in the country The Nottingham Goose Fair dating from the 13th century, geese were once walked to the fair to be sold in time for Christmas nowadays it is mainly a funfair.

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Newstead Abbey - Newstead Abbey


National Civil War Centre - English Civil war Museum and Centre

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