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Warwickshire Home of Shakespeare


The county of Warwickshire is rich in history from the Romans right up to the English Civil war and the battle of Edgehill.

Boudica and the Iceni fought her last battle against the Romans in the county against the Legions of Suetonius, Rugby and Mancetter are two towns regarded as the possible site.

Warwickshire began as a division of the kingdom of Mercia in the early 11th century. Warwickshire was first mentioned in 1001, as Wæringscīr named after Warwick (meaning "dwellings by the weir").

The county is in an area that was a fought over for control not only by the romans but also by the Mercian’s the Saxons and the Danes. Æthelflæd, The lady of the Mercian’s and daughter of King Alfred the Great who set up the castle at Tamworth also began the building of the castle at Warwick.

This rich historic legacy ensures the history lover will have much to see and do in the county.

Rich in history as it is the Jewel in the crown of this county has to be Stratford upon Avon the home of the bard William Shakespeare. This pretty town has many fine building’s as well as being home to The RSC or Royal Shakespeare Company.

Notable towns are Warwick, Royal Leamington Spa, Rugby and Stratford.

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