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Rutland is located in the east midlands and landlocked by the surrounding counties of Lincolnshire, Northamptonshire and Leicestershire it is the smallest county in England and has three major towns, Oakham, the county town, Langham and Uppingham the county Motto is Multum in Parvo, which means much in little.

The name Rutland and its origins are somewhat unclear, however, it has been suggested that Rutland as a name was earlier than the Norman Conquest. Its first mention is as "Roteland” during the time of King Edward the Confessor; in Domesday it is "the King's soc of Roteland", not being then a shire. Other recorded names include Ritelande, and Rota's land.

The traditional nickname for a male person from Rutland is a “Raddle Man". Meandering through this shire of gently rolling hills are the rivers Welland, Eye, Chater and Wash.

Despite its small size there are still plenty of things to do and see in Rutland , the large inland lake or reservoir of Rutland water is a popular centre for water sports such as sailing visitors can also enjoy fishing, walking and cycle along a 25-mile (40-km) perimeter track. A pleasure cruiser, the Rutland Belle, carries people around the lake, bird watching is also a popular pastime around the lake.

The county has Royal Connections as it was once traditional for the monarch to bestow the county on the queen or royal favourite. The county is known for such culinary delights as Stilton cheese Oakham gingerbread and Rutland Plum shuttles, Sir Everard Digby the financier of the gunpowder plot was from Rutland. Oakham castle has the distinction of being the oldest English court building that has been in continuous use since 1229.

Places of Interest include the following

Oakham Castle.
Lyddington Bede house.
Tolethorpe hall.

Activities in Rutland

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