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Essex in the east of England is a very old county dating back to AD527 the name comes from the old English for Eastsaxe or East Saxons, the land of the East Saxons.

Colchester in the north east of the county is reputed to be England’s oldest recorded town, and was known in Roman times as Camulodunum.The town was rebuilt in Ad61 following its destruction by Boadicea during her rebellion against Roman rule.

The county has large areas given to agriculture and is famous for its attractive villages and pastel painted cottages, in the south, it is the home to modern industries such as electronics. The Lakeside Shopping Centre and London Stansted Airport; and the new towns of Basildon and Harlow, are located in Essex.

Essex competes with Cornwall for the title of the county with the longest coastline 350 miles in length, this is due to its many estuaries shallow inlets and mudflats. This is home to a wide diversity of birdlife, and fishing boats can also be seen on these waterways. It's also second only to Devon when it comes to having the most roads officially designated as country lanes.

The painter John Constable painted the Essex landscape in his famous picture the Hay wain.
There are many interesting places to visit and the county is rich in history, from the Romans Saxons, as well as the Viking history to be discovered. The battle of Maldon between the Saxons and raiding Vikings was fought on the Blackwater estuary.

St Peters Chapel in Bradwell is the oldest church in all England - built in 654, The 'Dunmow Flitch' is the oldest recorded competition in the world and its aim to find the married couple who have not argued during the preceding year. St Botolphs Church in Hadstock has the oldest door in England - it's more than 1,000 years old. The first ever radio broadcast was made from Chelmsford in 1920 - the Birthplace of Radio.

Essex is renowned for its seaside resorts such as Southend, Clacton, Frinton and Canvey Island, these are popular destinations for Londoners keen to escape the city for some seaside air.

The Port of Tilbury is also in Essex as well as the large Ford Factory at Dagenham, Chelmsford is the county town.

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