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St Kilda Hirta

The St Kilda archipelago rises out of the north Atlantic 50 miles west of the isles of Harris this lonely and remote island once home to the most remote community in Britain has a unique and compelling history.

The whole archipelago is owned by national trust for Scotland and is now a dual UNESCO World heritage site both for cultural significance and natural environment. It was on Hirta the main island where the village site stood, this site dated back to Neolithic times and the island had been continuously inhabited for over two millennia until 1930.

The islands are home to over a million seabirds that nest here each season as well as the outlying islands of Boreray and Soay which are home to gannets and other species such as puffins. The village has been carefully restored by the national trust and as well as exploring the island the local museum can be visited which documents the islands unusual history. The islands abundant wildlife and interesting history has fascinated naturalists and explorers over the years.

St Kilda was eventually evacuated in 1930 due to the declining numbers of the population. On 29 August 1930, a ship called Harebell took the remaining 36 inhabitants to Morvern on the Scottish mainland, a decision they took collectively themselves.

Numerous factors led to the evacuation of St Kilda. The islands' inhabitants had existed for centuries in relative isolation until tourism and the presence of the military during the First World War led the islanders to seek alternatives to privations they routinely suffered. The changes made to the island by visitors in the nineteenth century disconnected the islanders from the way of life that had allowed their forebears to survive in this unique environment. (source) Wikipedia.

The islands can be visited by regular charter cruises from Harris; where a full day’s itinerary is planned for visitors to the islands.

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