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County Durham

County Durham

County Durham like its neighbour Northumberland is not only rich in history but also has beautiful areas of wide open countryside, its dales moors and valleys are great places to explore. Despite its industrial past coal and Iron mining and a heavy railway industry, the area not only has natural beauty but also a wealth of history.

Great families wielded power from here building great castle strongholds such as Barnard castle and Raby. It was also a great centre for Christianity the bishops of Durham ruled the county palatine outside the usual administration; Durham retained the title County and is the only English county with this title.

Shipbuilding flourished here at Sunderland, Jarrow and south shields , nowadays the County is not only a destination for tourists but also for pilgrimage the cathedral at Durham, is the most visited in England, St Cuthbert rests here along with Bede, it is a world Heritage site.

The county boasts natural wonders such as high force on the river Tees as well as towns and villages such as Barnard castle the Bowes Museum is one of the most important museums outside London.

Towns in County Durham

Activities in County Durham

Castle and Gardens

Raby Castle - One of Englands Finest Medieval castle


Bowes Museum - Museum of Fine Art


High Force - Discover the Force of Nature

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